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Drinks that are simple, fun, and easy for everyone to make. Or more complex brewing, fermentation, and bottling recipes.

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From tasty teas to hot coffees, to sugar free soda pops and different kombucha recipes.

DIY drinks isn’t just exciting in finding new tastes, but can be a far more healthy choice.

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Bear & Wine

The Pale Ale


Smooth, with a taste that says, "Drink Me". This stout is pre packaged and fairly simple to make. It's the waiting that is hard.

Crisp Lager


Recipe for a smooth, crisp, lager that is perfect for those hot days with a cold baverage.

Mascot Wine


A much sweeter wine, but notwithstanding the many flavors of different fruits and grapes.

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Summer Ales

seasonal ales

Brewing from scratch can seem time consuming and a daunting task. But for those DIYers that love the challenge and seeing the end product, here are a few fellow recipes to follow.